Canvas or PVC covering for your boat, trailer or car, or anything else

I offer a range of Canvas Goods, including:

* Custom made Boat Covers
* Shade Sails
* Trailor Canopies
* Tonneau Covers
* General Canvas Goods

Your choice of Canvas and/or PVC, high quality/waterproof.

How can our PVC or Canvas coverings help you?


Discourages Theft

A lot of people love to keep their boats stocked with handy accessories. Boating accessories and adventure gear are pretty easy to snatch right off the deck. With a boat cover, people can’t see what accessories you keep stored in your boat.



Keep Rain Out

Boats are pretty waterproof but there are always some parts that you want to be extra careful about not getting soaked. Too much water on the deck, helm, or seats can result in water damage as time goes on. Lots of humidity can also cause mould to start growing inside your boat. With a good boat cover, you can keep rainwater out and your boat’s interior will be protected.



Protect during Travels

As you journey, your boat can be damaged by all sorts of elements like brushes, trees, and especially by nosy people who all want to get a closer look. Boat covers are an absolute necessity if you journey with your boat. It keeps scratches off the bodywork and prevents nosy people from getting too hands-on with your expensive vessel.


Protect from UV Rays

The sun rays can be pretty brutal here in Australia. It is important to keep your vinyl seats protected from these damaging UV rays or they will become faded or they will soon start to crack. Once your seats start to crack, they become vulnerable to water damage and mould growth because water will be absorbed by the sponge inside the seats. This moisture will stay there and start to rot as time passes on. Your seats could be completely ruined in no time at all.



Keeps Your Property Nice and Clean

Boats can collect a lot of dust while they are stored in the garage. Over time, dust and other particles will react with the humidity in the air and a sticky paste will settle all over your boat. The sticky brown deposits can be challenging to remove and will make your boat look very messy. A cover will keep your boat nice and clean while it is being stored. We can create a quality boat cover that suits the design of your boat perfectly. With this cover, your precious watercraft will be protected and it will stay in great shape over many years.



Protects and Add Value

A good cover shows the owner takes care, and will increase the value of your property. It prevents damage cause costly repairs and replacements. The cover itself adds value to your property as well.

Proudly Delivered Canvas & PVC Projects