Outdoor Blinds for your Perth Hills home or business

Clear or tinted UV PVC, UV Shade Cloth in a variety of colours to suit your surroundings.

Outdoor Blinds will allow unrestricted views with the added advantage of providing a weather barrier and producing a prominent statement to your outdoor area.

All are custom measured and made to your requirements.

How can our Outdoor Blinds for your Perth Hills home help you?


Outdoor Blinds Maximise Space

As house and commercial blocks are getting smaller, outdoor blinds can help maximise your outdoor space, by covering in verandah and patio areas, to bring you more usable space.


Protection from Harsh Weather

High quality outdoor blinds can protect you from the wind, the rain and the sun’s harmful rays. As you know WA can experience 4 seasons in one day, so the bonus of continuing to entertain your guests and clients even when it gets too hot or too cold, is a huge benefit.


Protection of your Furnishings

By keeping out the harsh elements, your outdoor blinds will protect your furnishings from damage, fading and general wear and tear.


Keep away the bugs, flies and mosquitos

There is nothing worse than entertaining your guests, and flies and mosquitos come uninvited to your party! Outdoor binds protect you from insects and other little creatures.


Energy Efficient

With blinds down, it is estimated that you can reduce your energy bill by up to 50%. Blinds maintain the warmth in your home and also keep it cooler by shielding and protecting your home and office, from the harsh sun.


Dry Your Washing Outside

Outdoor blinds allow you to dry your washing out under your patio, balcony or deck area, this is a great money saver by not using your dryer.


Increases Privacy

We have a wide range of block out blinds in an array of colours which not only look great, but provide you with increased privacy.



Whatever style, space, size, colour your require, we have a blind to suit your needs. We can match any decor to increase the aesthetics of your outdoor space.


Entertain All Year Round

Whether you have a home, cafe or office, being able to entertain friends, or provide for your customers all year round, increases profitability in your business and happiness in your home!


Adds Value to Your Home



Proudly Delivered Outdoor Blinds Projects